Large Swing Gate Operators

Large Swing Gate Operators

CAME Super Frog (underground)
This is the underground operator for very large swing gates.  Made entirely of top grade materials, Super Frog is unmatched when it comes to power – and it can also operate very large swing doors, such as those found on hangers, or even special doors installed in large industrial facilities or freight depots.

  • Super Frog has been designed to operate gate leaves up to 8.0m.
  • Idea for large opening commercial applications.
  • Safe settings with built in opening & closing end stops. It gives fast & precise adjustments of the gate leaf stopping position.
  • Easily accessible, built in electronic control panel with integrated radio receiver.
  • Easy key lock release through removable cover.
  • Internal provision for Photo Electric Cells.
  • 3 Phase motor with encoder.
Ditec ARC range
The most appropriate words to describe ARC automations is ease of use and flexibility. Irreversible electromechanical automations for  swing gates, it is the ideal solution for heavy duty applications. Quiet and sturdy, they are easy to install and can be connected to any application, however complex, such as wings supported by very large or out-of-plumb pillars.

  • ARC has been designed to operate gate leaves up to 5.0m.
  • Idea for residential opening applications.
  • Should a power failure occur, the gate can be manually opened or closed by releasing the geared motor mechanism by using a cable release.
  • The manual, key operated release system is located on the front of the unit to ensure easy access.
  • The ABS cover provides a good level of protection from the elements and features high quality trims. The simple and neat design makes the unit aesthetically suitable for any type of classical or modern gate.
  • 24 volt D.C with the option of battery backup.
  • Has slow down function when opening & closing.
ARCO LI-2BThe Arco LI-2B intelligent gate controller combines flexibility with reliability, is proudly Australian Made and incorporates the very latest in electronic technology and mechanical ergonomics, in a zinc plated laser cut chassis. The Arco system has a twelve month general warranty.

  • LI-2B has been designed to operate gate leaves up to 3.0m.
  • Electronics automatically detect any lack of power & activate emergency mode, powered by back-up batteries (optional).
  • Idea for frequent opening residential gate applications.
  • Easily accessible, built in electronic control panel with integrated radio receiver.
  • 24 volt D.C motor.
  • Made in Australia local imported materials.
Swing Gate Operators – IGD 180-4All Gate Drive Systems Australia swing gate operators utilise industrial grade cast iron gear boxes with a unique torque control and easy disconnect facility should the mains fail. Controls mounted in IP66 steel enclosure with a powerful microprocessor control board to provide various features required with the operator. Smooth, fully adjustable ramp up, ramp down, opening and closing speed for the ultimate in a gate drive operating control system (excluding 24v model).Made in Australia from quality Australian and imported components.
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