Different Types of Automated Gates for Your Residential Property

gate Automation Systems - Automated GatesAutomated gate systems are very popular for residential properties as they can be used to provide added safety to your property. Installing automated gates also makes it much easier for you to gain access to your home, as you do not have to leave your car to open the gate manually. Manufacturers have brought out a range of models to suit different types of properties.

Sliding Gate

One of the most commonly used automated gates is the sliding gate. You may also hear of these types of gates being referred to as rolling gates or U-track gates. They take up minimal room compared to other gates, which makes them ideal for residential purposes.

When installed, the gate is mounted on the inside of the fence, parallel to it, so it can slide back and forth across the opening of the gate. The gate slides along a metal track using rollers, which are installed at the bottom in order to support it. Care must be taken to maintain the gate as the tracks can get covered in debris.

Cantilever Gate

Just like the slide gate, the cantilever gate slides open. The difference is that instead of using rollers installed on the ground, it is supported by rails that are placed along the inside of the fence. This means that it takes up more room due to the added width of the fence structure.

They do, however, tend to be more reliable than slide gates as you don’t have to worry about friction or the rollers becoming obstructed on the ground. If you are considering this type of gate for your property, you should consult a professional who can advise you on the amount of room needed and if this will be possible on your property.

Swing Gate

Swing gates operate much like a door and swing open and closed. They are hinged on one side and the gates will typically travel a 90 degree arc. This means that you need to have enough space available on your property for the gate to open and close without affecting the vehicle. You also need to take greater care when using the gate to avoid accidents, as people or vehicles can get hit or trapped by the gate when operated.

You can purchase gates that are in or out-swinging to suit the layout of your property. You can typically purchase swing gates, which are either single leaf, or double leafs, giving you more options for your property. They are very commonly used for residential properties due to their ease of installation and lower costs.

Automated Gate Accessories

When you are considering different automated gate systems, you should also take into account the accessories that can be purchased alongside these. Automated gates provide security for your home and can be upgraded to provide additional protection.

Access control systems: Gates can be operated using various different devices, including digital keypads, card readers, and vehicle tag readers.

Intercom systems: Not everyone will have access to control devices, so in order to let visitors in you can install an intercom system. Once you have spoken to the visitor, you can typically open the gate from inside your home.

Video surveillance systems: For added ease and safety, you can install a video camera that will allow you to view and record oncoming vehicles. This will allow you to easily identify visitors and help to deter criminals.

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