6 Problems That Automated Gate Systems Will Solve

2The demand for reliable and effective security systems is on the rise these days. Automated gate systems, for example, are some of the most sought after products for both residential and commercial establishments, simply because they are an effective and easy solution to many problems. Here are 7 problems that automated gate systems will solve.

Lack of privacy

Privacy is a very important factor that most of us consider because we do not want just anybody to have easy access to our lives and personal space. Installing an automated gate system will add a strong layer of privacy to your home in order to prevent solicitors from coming in or from school children crossing your yard. Aside from this, privacy also means exclusivity and thus, having an automated gate system can also increase the value of your property. This helps real estate brokers demand higher rental fees or higher selling prices.

Crime and unauthorized access

Automated gate systems will serve as a barrier to keep criminals and unwanted visitors away from your property by being your first line of defence. They deter criminals by acting as a barrier that prevents access to unauthorized foot and vehicle traffic. In this case, they are actually considered a cheaper alternative to hiring and managing security guards. Aside from this, automated gate systems also allow you to actually see who is at your gate without the need to go out of your house and gives you control on whether to give access or not.

Lack of visual appeal

Automated gates come in a variety of designs that can complement your beautiful property. You can even have one painted to match your fence as well. Having one shows how much you care about the overall appearance of your house or establishment. It adds aesthetic value and a certain level of sophistication to your property, making it easier to lease or to sell.


Manually-operated gates that need to be physically locked and unlocked are very inconvenient and time consuming to use. An automated gate, on the other hand, can be easily opened and closed with just a click of a button on your key and without the need to alight from your vehicle. This is especially useful when it’s raining and you don’t want to get wet. Additionally, this limits access to your property only to those who have that key.

Pet and child safety

Aside from preventing unwanted visitors from gaining access to your property, automated gate systems also prevent your pets and children from leaving without you knowing it. Keeping your pets and children within your property will help them avoid accidents on the street. Gates will also prevent damage to your property that can be caused by either animals or vandals.

High insurance rates

Insurance is an unavoidable expense that all property owners must have. It can be very costly though. However, some insurance providers may be willing to give you breaks for having automated gates installed because they provide additional security measures to your property.

Certainly, automated gate systems solve many property-related problems and provide many benefits for you and your property, whether they are residential or commercial establishments. There are many available options in the market these days. The key is in finding one that best fits your property.

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