4 Tips for Improving Perimeter Security

Boom-Gate-Automation-SystemAlthough alarm systems and locks provide some added security on your property, your primary goal should be focused on deterring potential intruders before they can even get close to your home or commercial building. In most cases, a potential intruder looks at two key factors before choosing a property. These two factors involve the ability to enter and exit a property quickly and to remain hidden throughout the intrusion. Most intruders will simply choose another property if one of these factors does not exist, and solid perimeter security can eliminate both of these important conditions.


Technological advancements and cost-friendly options now allow many home and business owners to implement an effective perimeter security system. These tips and ideas for improving perimeter security will help protect your investment and ensure your safety.


Security Fencing


Whether you are seeking perimeter security for your home or business, security fencing should be your first priority. Many manufacturers, including Gate Automation Systems, offer a wide variety of different options for fencing to meet all of your security and aesthetic needs. Chain wire mesh fencing serves as an economical, efficient and effective option for any property and can be easily customised to fit your specific needs. Weld-mesh fencing provides an enormous security boost without an expensive price tag. Security fencing makes getting in and out of your property much more difficult.


Boom Gates


For those seeking professional-grade security along the perimeter, boom gates provide an effective, automated method for controlling vehicle traffic. Owners of office buildings, industrial facilities, shopping centres and government buildings from around the world utilize boom gates like those offered by Gate Automation Systems. Due to advancements in technology, boom gates represent a low maintenance, efficient and cost effective barrier. They come with an array of different safety enhancements and options for optimal security to make any intruder think twice about entering your property.


Perimeter Lighting


Effective perimeter lighting is a great way to keep intruders from choosing your property in the first place. Since most intruders look for ways to enter a property under the cover of darkness, property owners who keep a well-lit perimeter greatly lower their risk of attack. Perimeter lighting should be installed in all dark areas including fence lines, along shrubbery, and at gated entrances.


Automated Sliding GateSliding and Swinging Gates


Sliding and swinging gates can be used to control traffic on almost any type of property. From small pedestrian gates to industrial vehicle gates with over 15 meters of opening size, there are hundreds of different options and features to choose from. The swinging security gates of today combine many years of design progression and history with cutting edge technology to provide excellent perimeter security. If you don’t have the space for a swinging gate, sliding security gates also offer amazing security and low maintenance operation.


Both sliding and swinging gates come in an abundance of different materials such as Duragal steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and many more architectural materials. These materials can be finished to match the look you need for your property.


Property owners invest a lot of time and money in their homes and businesses, so the protection of these properties is always important. By focusing on improving perimeter security, you will turn intruders away before they even get to your door.


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