3 Types of Security Fencing for Commercial Properties

security fencingThe addition or installation of security fencing around commercial properties provides many advantages but primarily these three: privacy, appearance, and security.

For business owners, security is the most important reason why they choose to have security fence gates installed. Depending on the nature of business and location, privacy could also be a potential issue. Gates might need to be installed and the fencing type and appearance would depend on many factors but most business owners would always prefer to have security fencing installations, to define their property’s boundaries and identify it as private property.

While privacy and security are top factors that influence business owners when they choose the type and kind of installation for their security fencing, appearance is also a huge consideration. Installing security fencing accomplishes two things at once – keeps the property safe and gives it a “curb appeal”, increasing property value.

Given the three factors that influence the type and design of security fencing installation commercial property owners go with, we at Gate Automation Systems provides three options for your security fencing needs. These three types of security fence gates meet the security requirement and add to property enhancement as well.

Chain Wire Mesh Fencing

Chain wire mesh fencing is a woven-type fence usually made of galvanised or LLDPE-coated steel wire. Commonly found in most property fencing restricted by budget, chain wire mesh fences have the characteristic diamond pattern, as wires run vertically and are bent into a zigzag pattern.

This type of security fencing is ideal for enclosing areas such as sport fields, playgrounds and industrial areas. It is known for its durability to withstand gale force winds due to its zigzap pattern, making it a preferred option for cyclone fencing.

Repair and maintenance are easy. Don’t also constrain yourself to a plan, gray galvanised steel fence you might be envisioning. Our chain wire mesh fencing comes in black PVC coated and galvanised finish.

Weld-Mesh Fencing

Ideal for agriculture, building, sports and transportation areas, weld-mesh fencing is designed to be vandal-proof and difficult to climb. Its easy installation makes it an ideal choice for any terrain in any location and its design adaptable for a security measure installations such as CCTV cameras and lighting fixtures. It is the preferred fencing option if you want high security and key point installations.

Diplomat / Vanguard

A common choice for private properties that need additional security and commercial properties that need to boost security (notice its pressed-spear top) at the same time maintain its “curb appeal” (think office building, embassies, schools, etc), the Diplomat or Vanguard security fencing has a face-welded (Vanguard) or through-rail (Diplomat) design option. The design makes it appear friendly yet it has all the factors needed to keep intruders out.

These types of gates come with anti-theft screws in its industrial panels making it resistant to tampering and provide security.

Our fencing range offers great versatility on design, function and cost making it the best choice for government building offices, building contractors, property owners and developers and home owners. We also take pride in not only providing quality fence gates but also exceptional service from our highly-qualified staff that can assist you in decision-making and advise of your best options and needs to our skilled professional technicians who take care of installation.

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