Access Control for Remote Control Gates

Access Control for Remote Control Gates

Gate Automations Systems offers a range of Access Control systems from a simply key switch to a stand alone system through to a complex multi-site computer controlled installations monitoring & controlling all entry and exit locations. Time will be spent with you to understand your objectives for securing your site and then design a system to meet your specifications to suit your objectives.

Access Control Types:

  • Intercom.
  • Hand Remote Control Transmitters.
  • GSM Remote Access Control.
  • ID Cards.
  • Magnetic Swipe Cards.
  • Proximity Swipe Cards.
  • Keypads – Wireless
  • Key switches

Access Control Services Offered:

  • Large Multi Site Supply and Installation.
  • Medium Site Supply and Installation.
  • Small Stand Alone Supply and Installation.
  • Home Automation Systems.
  • Complete Project Management.
  • Experienced Service / Installation Technicians.
  • After Sales Service and Parts.
  • Training of your Employees in the Operational System Management

Access Control Features:

  • Provide Record Keeping of Entry / Exit.
  • Restrict Access to specific locations.
  • Restrict Access to within specific hours.
  • Employee protection of unwanted visitors.
  • Payroll Management.

There’s a vast range of Access Control systems available so please contact our technical sales team to discuss your requirements to ensure the best system is adapt to your requirements.

Gate Automation Systems takes pride in training its staff to assist in the decision making and advising of the correct Access Control System / devices required for your specific application, along with professional installation of the systems purchased.